Future Projects

for the Kennel Centre

Planning schedule for 2023 and 2024.

Donations of monies and/or materials for any of the projects listed below is very welcome.  





One Paint Barge-board on East side of building Paint & Labour only Summer 2023
Two Create new entrance fence and gateway. Gate takings. $5000. Target for completion October 2024.
Three Install tap near the septic tank for cleaning waste containers and move tap by Plush Puppy shop. On going fundraising.  . $300 Target for completion Autumn 2023
Four Purchase towable leaf rack $500 2023
Five Repair potholes in ring road $4500 2023
Six Re-seal ring road $26000 Benefit Show 2025
Seven Replace Quad Bike   Summer 2024
Eight Lay concrete walkway between ring road and lounge access $400 2023
Nine Replace Tractor $20,000 2024
Ten Erect new shade sail in Hound ring $3800 2024
Eleven Erect new shade sail in Gundog ring $3800 2025
Twelve Replace Ride-on Mower $6500 2025
Fourteen Erect sail Ring 5 $2500 2024
Fifteen Replace damaged front fence $4300 Insurance claim Jan. 2024
Eighteen Level Terrier ring   2025
Completed Projects      


Upgrade Shower Unit Donation 2008

Completed Dec. 2008

Two Upgrade irrigation system Grants and donations $4500 Early 2007

Completed Jan. 2008

Five Lay paving stones in front of building for mowing strip.   May 2008


Six Install soak pits in front veranda area Quotes to be obtained 1st half 2007

Completed May 2007

Thanks to digger driver Kevin Dupe

Seven Install soak pits at south end of building. Quotes to be obtained 1st half 2007

Completed May 2007

Eight Replace doors on East side of building   May 2007

Completed June 2007

Thanks to Norman Osborne



Repair and Paint trailer Labour only  2007

Completed March 2007



Re-position flagpoles


Labour only Target for completion 2007

Completed May 2007

Special thanks to Tornado Industries

Eleven Prepare interior of hall for painting. Donations & Grant Early 2007

Completed March 2007

Twelve Paint interior of hall $300 Grant 2007

Completed May 2007

Special thanks to John and Celia White

Thirteen Repair spouting Veranda side Grant Before winter 2007

Completed June 2007

Thirteen (b) Repair spouting road side of building Grant Before winter 2007

Completed July 2007

Seventeen Paint directional arrows on roadway.   2007

Completed August 2007

Eighteen Repaint toilet walls and floor.   2008

Completed June 2008

Twenty Replace entry door in tilt-a-door. Fund-raising. 2007


Thanks to Eureka Trust

Twenty One Concrete floor of Stirrers Arms

Install roller doors


Donation $900

Joint project with St Bernard Club


Concreting Completed

Roller doors Completed

Twenty-Three Repair and re-commission tractor   Early 2007

Completed May 2007

Twenty-Four Paint Garage Paint from Dulux Grant

Labour PD Scheme

Completed May 2007
Twenty-Five Paint Toilet Block Paint from Dulux Grant

Labour PD Scheme


Completed Sept 2007

Twenty-Six Paint Stirrers Arms Paint from Dulux Grant

Labour PD Scheme


Completed June 2008

Twenty-Seven Install heat pump in Committee Room $4000

Benefit Show


Completed Jan. 2009

Twenty-Eight Upgrade Septic tank system to Ecan requirements $25000

Grants & Donations

May 2008

Completed June 2008

Twenty-Nine Renovate North End Office for the use of clubs Paint & Carpet

Table & Chairs

June 2008

Project Started

Thirty Upgrade carparks at both ends of building $5000

Benefit Show 2009


Completed Oct 2009

Thirty-One Install shelves in Committee Room and passageway. Labour April 2009

Completed April 2009

Thanks to Norman Osborne

Thirty-Two Replace submergible pump $3000 April 2009

Completed Nov. 2009

Thirty-Three Repair Roof $2000 Nov. 2009

Completed August 2010

Thirty-Four Replace damaged ceiling tiles Labour only March 2009

Completed March 2010

Thirty-Five Up-grade loud-speaker system $750 Completed March 2010
Thirty-Six Extend irrigation system $1000 Completed October 2010
Thirty-Seven Upgrade Children's playground Donations

Completed  Apr. 2011

thanks to Canty. Junior KS

Thirty-Eight Erect new shade sail in Working Dog ring $3800

Donation Canty Junior KS

Completed Feb. 2011


Thirty-Nine Purchase new ride-on mower Benefit Show Completed Aug. 2011
Forty Purchase new vacuum cleaners $600 Completed Aug. 2011
Forty-One Build Memorial Wall $4000

Completed Sept. 2011

Forty-Two Replace ringside seating $600 Completed Jan. 2012
Forty-Three Repair roof in the stirrers block Labour only Completed Jan. 2012
Forty-Four Replace zip in committee room $300 Completed July 2012
Forty-Five Replace zip in Stirrers Arms Labour only Completed July 2012
Forty-Six Purchase projector screen for lounge.

Install Data Projector

$600 Trade-me

Completed May 2012

Forty-Eight Complete repairs following earthquake. $2500 Insurance excess Completed Sept. 2012
Forty-Seven Purchase new stewards tables $400 Completed Sept. 2012
Forty-Eight Repair front fence and gate $500 Completed Nov. 2012
Forty-Nine Create Dog Exercise Park near gateway. $2000 Completed Nov. 2012
Fifty Repair gate sign   Completed Nov. 2012
Fifty-One Purchase Judging Ramps $1100 Completed Nov. 2012
Fifty-Two Purchase ring fencing $800 Completed Dec. 2012
Fifty-Three Fence septic tanks $200 Completed May 2013
Fifty-Four Replace guttering kitchen end of building. $4500

Insurance claim

Completed Nov. 2013
Fifty-Five Dig out gardens and re-establish Labour only Completed Nov. 2013
Fifty-Six Repairs to Sewer at Stirrers $1000 Completed Nov. 2013
Fifty-Seven Paint awnings Paint & Labour only Completed Nov. 2013
Fifty-Eight Replace outside speakers $800 Completed Dec. 2013
Fifty-Nine Erect new shade sail in Non Sporting ring $3800

2013 Benefit Show

Completed May 2014
Sixty Repairs to Men's Toilet Block and sewer line. $6500 Completed Nov. 2014
Sixty-One Mulch sound mounds by dog park. Labour only Completed Nov. 2014
Sixty-Two Extend speaker system beyond trees. $1600 Completed Nov. 2014
Sixty-Three Replace concrete pad under veranda Insurance claim Completed Nov. 2014
Sixty-Four Repaint Shower Unit Paint donated Completed Nov. 2014
Sixty-Five Paint steel beams under veranda roof $500 Paint donated Completed July 2015
Sixty-Five Install stormwater system at garage $300 Completed July 2015
Sixty-Six Refurbish kitchen and replace appliances $11500 Completed March 2016
Sixty-Seven Replace Ride-on mower $3000 Completed March 2016
Sixty-Eight Re-roof stirrers arms $7600 Completed April 2016
Sixty-Nine Erect new shade sail in Non Sporting ring (Ring 8) $3800 Completed September 2015
Seventy Erect new shade sail in rings 5 & 6 (Terrier ring) $4000 Completed July 2016
Seventy-One Plant trees in Main Arena $300 Completed June 2016
Seventy-One Paint Stirrers Arms Building Donated Completed August 2016
Seventy-Two Replace zip in Lounge $500 Completed August 2016
Seventy-Three Replace spouting on Taff Shop and new spouting on Stirrers Arms $1500 Completed August 2016
Seventy-Four Install Batts in Lounge area $1000 Completed April 2017
Seventy-Five Install Batts in Committee Room area $200 Completed April 2017
Seventy-Six Install LED lighting under veranda $3000 Completed April 2017
Seventy-Eight Extend irrigation system $2000 Completed Sept 2017
Seventy-Nine Upgrade powerpoint wiring in shop and install plug for coffee van $300 Completed Sept 2017
Eighty Purchase Quad bike $2000 Completed Sept 2017
Eighty-One Install extra power points in the Main Building $1000 Completed Sept 2017
Eighty-Two Build tanker trailer for watering trees $150 plus donation of trailer Completed Oct. 2017
Eighty-Three Paint Toilet Block $0 Completed Nov. 2017
Eighty-Four Remove dangerous trees by the dog run area and powerlines   Completed May 2018
Eighty- Five Purchase topper mower for rougher areas $3200 Completed Sept 2018
Eighty-Six Build steps to side entrance of dog park. $500 Completed Feb. 2019
Eighty-Seven Re-clad the R/H side of Stirrers Arms $0 Materials on hand. Completed Mar. 2019
Eighty-Eight Remove pine tree stumps by the dog run area. $1300 Completed April 2019
Eighty-Nine Replace inside artificial grass in main building $16000 Completed Autumn 2019
Ninety Upgrade childrens play area. $5000 2020
Ninety-One Purchase sail for ring 7 (Utility) ring $2500 December 2020
Ninety-Two Re-roof Main Building $20000 July 2021
Ninety-Three Paint Inside Toilet Block $200 Summer 2022
Ninety-Four Fell two gum trees behind Stirrers Arms $400 January 2023
Ninety-Five Erect storage shed for Scentwork $1500 March 2023
Ninety-Six Install Heat Pump in Lounge $5842 March 2023
Ninety-Seven Install LED lighting in the hall $3000 Apr. 2023
Ninety-Eight Replace Deep Fryer in kitchen $1200 July 2023
One Hundred      
One Hundred & Three      

Completed Dog Exercise Park                                                                          Septic tanks fenced May 2013

Roadside gardens are extended May 2013